Terms, Conditions, and Contact Information

Problems with your tracking number? Email us!

We accept PayPal and various credit cards through a 3rd party platform. Upon ordering, processing generally takes 3 days (subject to change) and shipping is completed by fulfillment centers abroad and generally takes 15 - 35 days to the United States and 20 - 50 to Canada. We primarily service the United States and select other countries.

If you have made a free order and paid for shipping, you may cancel your order within 30 minutes of ordering (through email). After 30 minutes of ordering, we have likely started fulfillment process and paid for shipping ourselves. Once free products are shipped out, we do not offer refunds. We only offer refunds for non-free products. 

Please note: our Instagram Account is @simplestylecompany (not to be mistaken with @simplestyleco as that is a different business from ours). 


Commonly asked questions:

My tracking link is not working or broken or says not existing, what can I do?

This is a common problem. All of our tracking numbers are valid. Please email us to help you track your order. 

Do you ship to (country in question) country?

If at checkout, you are not able to execute an order then we do not ship to your country. 

Are you guys actually giving away free things?

Yes. Just pay the shipping amount that your order totals to at checkout.

I have received one of my orders but not the other, will they all be coming? 

Yes. We ship most of our products separately and they have different arrival times.

Can I expedite my order so it comes sooner?

Unfortunately not. We cannot expedite your order so it arrives sooner.

What is your Instagram profile?

Our username is @simplestylecompany (not to be mistaken with @simplestyleco - not us)!

If you have questions about your order, email us info@simplestylecompany.com